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about moni leoni

Welcome. I am glad that I can welcome you in my modest thresholds. I will tell you how the idea for Moni Leoni was made and why it was a jewelry.

I remember four years ago, my friend enthusiastically announced that she started making jewelry and started a company. I was very curious about what she came up with and I gladly followed her actions. Unfortunately, her jewelry was totally out of my taste, but I admired her for daring to throw herself into the deep water with her own company.

I got two bracelets as a gift and I realized that this is not my style.

After two years from this event, I wanted to make a bracelet for myself. I was quietly thinking about my small business. I wrote to my friend if she could recommend me some bead shops and all that is needed to make jewelry. I was disappointed very much because the stores she recommended were for people running their own business and I would have to have a business to do shopping there.

It was two years ago. At the time, I wore Leon in my tummy and thought intensely about my life, my full-time job and reconciliation with being a mother. The idea revived in early 2018. However, I did not think quite about jewelry.

Lying one day with Leon while feeding, I started thinking about my business ideas: worsted wool blankets, a photographer, sewing pillows, hair bands and much more. I considered the pros and cons and it dawned on me! Jewelry. After all, I wanted to try. I sat down to the computer and searched the internet in search of everything about hand made jewelery.

I know that more than one person will laugh when he read that the search took me about six months. My husband then told me to just act without thinking about quality. Such thinking totally did not appeal to me, because what is your image, your company and what is being built on? On quality.

I did not want to leave my place until I search what I want. Sometimes it was a torment and a lot of badly invested money, but thanks to that I achieved my goal – quality.

The moment I write this I am in the process of building a store. The news of my bracelets has gone into the world. And I am a bit of fear, I think about all this and I smile to myself because dreams do not come true, you make that your dreams are realistic. Sometimes small steps, sometimes quite big. The most important thing is to go consistently in the direction that has taken place.